About Us

PT Satya Samitra Niagatama (SSN) is a raw materials importer and distribution company located in Jakarta, Indonesia. With 10 years of industry exposure within our professional team, SSN carries the experience, as well as the expertise, to provide comprehensive raw material supply and sourcing services to the Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverages, Veterinary, and Cosmetics industries.


A new headquarters in the capital city of Jakarta, along with branch offices in Surabaya and Semarang, gives us the full coverage to serve the entire nation’s industries. Recognizing the value of customer care, SSN strives to continue making our customer’s sourcing and procurement process simple and rewarding.


Our extensive product range, in-depth market knowledge, and innovative product development enables us to offer productive and effective solutions for our customers in today’s ever-challenging marketplace.


Strong partnerships with suppliers all over the world have allowed SSN relationships. With successful cooperation both domestically and abroad, PT. Satya Samitra Niagatama sets out to build and connect more networks, bringing both our principals and customers closer with one another.


Our competitiveness, professionalism, and commitment make SSN your valuable long-term partner.


To be the leading professional raw material services company


  • To have a high standard of commitment to our customers and principals
  • To treat our customers, principals, and employees with honesty and respect
  • To source and supply quality products for all customers
  • To provide competitive pricing with excellent customer service
  • To strive for on-time delivery in full quantity
  • To be proactive and responsive to customers and principals request